Ministry Mondays with Meg is back for season two, and recently I sat down to talk to host, Rev. Meg Biddle:

Q. What are you most excited about in season two of the show?

Meg: Connecting with new people. Many of my season one guests were people I knew, but this season not so much.

Q. What do you hope viewers will get out of the show?

MegI hope the show encourages others to have the courage to try something new. Will it always be successful? No. But you never know what will happen when you believe in yourself and remember who you belong to. 

Q. For new viewers who may not know, you ask guests the same final question "What is bringing you joy right now?" How did you come up with that signature sign-off question?

Meg: When I first began serving in ministry, I was having fun. It was pure joy to do what I had been called to do. Somewhere along the way, that joy got lost. As we talk about ministry, which can be very messy, it is important to shine a light on the good things in our lives. Since my show is a conversation format, I decided that the last question would be the same for everyone. Consider all that you do in life. What brings you joy? It's surprising how hard it is to answer that question sometimes. 

Q: Ok, so I will put your signature question to you, Meg. What is bringing you joy right now?

Meg: My show brings me joy. I love giving people a place to tell their stories. Every time I see someone wearing my T-shirt, it brings me joy. It's something I am very proud of.  

Be sure to check out the second season of Ministry Mondays with Meg; new episodes drop on Mondays at 11 am EST. You can find the show LIVE on the ABHMS YouTube and Facebook page or anytime at MinistrElife.orgYou can also join the conversation after the show on Ministry Mondays with Meg Facebook page by clicking here!

Season 2 Confirmed guests: 

1/23- Seth David Clark 

1/30- LeDayne McLeese Polaski 

2/6- Jessica Merrill 

2/13- Patti Lawrence  

2/20- Jimmy Collins 

2/27- Jeremy Richards 

Did you know that THIRTY episodes aired in the first season? If you missed one, you can catch up at!