Before serving in my current position, I served as the Pastor of the First Baptist Church of La Grange, IL while my husband served as the Pastor of the Community Church of Wilmette, IL. At the time our boys were both under the age of six and trying to wear all my multiple hats of mom, wife, and Pastor drained my creativity when it came to designing weekly worship and preaching.

In an attempt to have a better balance, I decided to try the Narrative Lectionary. I can’t recall how I first connected with Working but if I had to guess it was likely via the Text this Week. It became a lifesaver, commuting on the train I began my week listening to the Working Pastor Narrative Lectionary Podcast. The commentary planted the seeds for me to chew on till I finally committed to writing my sermon which despite my best efforts usually occurred after we put the boys to bed on Saturday night.

Along the journey, I found amazing colleagues using the Narrative Lectionary in a Facebook group. I cannot tell you how many times I posted a question, shared worship elements, or put out a sermon writing block SOS! My hope as MinistrElife continues to grow we might be able to have our own Narrative Lectionary Community.  A place where Pastors can share their weekly worship and preaching planning, a space to give and receive feedback, and a safe haven to process the challenges and joys of ministry.

To get us started I have created a community for all worship planners no matter what lectionary you might be using or if you don't use a lectionary at all! Additionally, we will work to bring you weekly articles highlighting worship resources. If you are interested in writing worship resources or sharing resources on your blog/podcast/website/etc. please e-mail: [email protected]

So come on down the worship planning rabbit hole with us!

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Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash