“New Rules for Radicals: TNT [Techniques and Tactics] for Faith-based Leaders” revisits the need for radicals in a society that constructs systems that keep persons marginalized and awards individuals who keep persons marginalized to maintain those in power and the status quo. Building community and national relationships are part of this effort.

Author Willard W.C. Ashley Sr. also gives an overview of pioneer Saul Alinsky and the IAF’s work and shortfalls as a historical backdrop for building community and national relationships. Ashley outlines strategies for radicals in creating relationships and striving for excellence, not mediocrity. His experiences, stories, collaborations, and leaning on his faith are offered to encourage “new radicals.” Ashley encourages new radicals to know their context, embrace conflict, and do their homework. Although radicals face strong and life-threatening opposition, Ashley offers hope for change.

The book is perfect for interfaith clergy; religious leaders; seminarians; faith-based organizations; nongovernmental organizations; social workers; students of ethics, civil rights, and Black studies; community organizers; activists; community leaders; and those in the political sciences.

Ashley Sr. is vice president of Community Relations and director of the Center for Clergy Care. He is CEO of Dr. Willard Ashley Sr., LLC, Montclair, N.J., and founder and senior pastor of the Abundant Joy Community Church, Jersey City, N.J. He is vice-chair, Bergen County Human Relations Commission; he is a New Jersey State certified and nationally certified psychoanalyst. He is co-chair of the Interfaith Anti-Racism Coalition in the Greater New York City Metropolitan area under the umbrella of the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond. Ashley teaches numerous graduate and certificate courses and has written numerous books and chapters.