July 25, 2021, 6 PM EST airing on Facebook and YouTube Platforms

In honor of the 60th Anniversary, Join us for an important conversation about the history and role of women and women in ministry and the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. Our panelists include recognized and respected PNBC men and women in ministry who are trailblazers in their own right. As PNBC, celebrates the present, reflects on its past, and considers its future, let us “Listen to the Women” and explore what it means to pursue wholeness, maximize potential and maintain relevance as a denominational body in the 21st Century. The foundational texts for this discussion will be taken from the book, “Let The Oppressed Go Free” by Dr. Marvin McMickle.



Rev. Dr. Jacqueline A. Thompson

Rev. Dr. Marvin McMickle


Dr. Leslie Callahan, Senior Pastor

St. Paul’s Baptist Church - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook (awaiting final confirmation)


Dr. Brenda Girton Mitchell, Minister of Stewardship and Missions

Metropolitan Baptist Church - Largo, Maryland

Special Advisor to the President PNBC, Inc.


Rev. Dr. Gina Stewart, Senior Pastor

Christ Missionary Baptist Church - Memphis, Tennessee

First Vice President, Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention


Rev. Dr. Martha Taylor, Associate Minister, and Historian

Allen Temple Baptist Church - Oakland, California

Former Historian, PNBC, Inc.


We look forward to an empowering and engaging discussion!