The economic realities of the past 40 years have been hard on churches. Membership has declined. Giving is down. One way churches have adapted to these realities is to offer Part-time Pastoral positions, in an attempt to maintain local church identities and services, while paying an affordable wage to someone who finds the work worth the reduced time associated. I discussed some of the issues in my article “Adjunctifying the Church: How Sustainable Is This?” in the Christian Citizen.

In an effort to gain a clearer understanding of the economic realities for part-time pastors, I’ve generated a survey, which is available in two geographical regions: New England and New York State. This survey is seeking information about salary and benefits packages. It’s also asking for information about who part-time clergy are, demographically. And, the surveys are seeking information about co-work wages and benefits, as well as some questions about job satisfaction.

The survey is open to religious leaders of all faiths and does not ask for identifying information (no email address, no name, not even denomination!). All results will be presented in aggregate, as the survey is really seeking to understand broad trends about Part-time Clergy Life. Please share broadly with your New England and New York State Part-time Clergy friends and colleagues

Click Here to Take the New York State Part-time Clergy Employment Status Survey

Click Here to Take the New England Part-time Clergy Employment Status Survey

Rachael Lawrence, PhD, is acting pastor of Second Baptist Church, Suffield, Conn., and assistant director at the Center for Education Policy at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is also a classical musician.


Photo by Jordan on Unsplash