Zoom has notified us that there have been meetings scheduled and then posted online without security features enabled. This opens the door for anyone (including unwanted guests) to join your meeting. Without security features enabled, meetings like these can be disrupted by malicious people who search social media for unprotected meetings and share them with potential intruders.

To keep your meetings safe, Zoom created an At-risk Meeting Notifier. This tool searches the public internet for Zoom meeting information and checks the meeting’s security settings. When Zoom finds a meeting that looks to be at high risk of being disrupted, we notify the host.

We strongly recommend you take the following actions to reduce the risk of disruption.

If you would like to make your meeting private:

  1. Remove or report the public post
  2. Delete this meeting and create a new one
  3. Enable these security settings:
  4. Send the new meeting information only to people you know

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Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash