During the 2020-2021 school year, the Bob Burdette Center continues to serve students in person after school at two of its four locations (Emmanuel Baptist Church and North Charleston Baptist Church). Students enrolled in the in-person afterschool program receive homework assistance, tutoring, and enrichment programming.  In addition to in-person programming, the Bob Burdette Center launched its Virtual Enrichment Program in January 2021.  The Virtual Enrichment Program provides the benefits of the in-person program to students participating remotely. Virtual program elements include homework assistance, tutoring, and enrichment programming.  Students are able to choose from a number of enrichment activities each week.  The Bob Burdette Center is currently offering Arts in Action Urban Stage dance and improv comedy classes; FestivAll Charleston Theatre class; Graphic Novels Book Club; Origami Club; Girls Scouts; Builder’s Club; Lyrical Club; and Gentle Yoga. In-person and virtual programming will continue through the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

The Bob Burdette Center is also planning to implement a 2021 CDF Freedom Schools program this summer at its Emmanuel Baptist Church location. The program will be in-person and serve 30 children who have completed kindergarten through fifth grade. An additional summer program separate from the CDF Freedom School will be provided at a second location.