The application for Cycle 2 of the Co-Creators Incubator is now open through December 7, 2020. Visit to apply. 

Co-Creators Incubator: A dream recognized

By Alyssa Vasquez

I remember getting the call from the Rev. Lauren Ng about my acceptance into the Co-Creators Incubator program. I was driving, and tears were rolling down my face. It was more than being accepted into a program; it was the fact that my vision and my dream were recognized. From the three-day development summit, to speaking in Kansas City, Mo., and presenting live to American Baptist Home Mission Societies’ (ABHMS) staff, friends and family, this program has overwhelmed me with opportunities of which I could only dream. The mentors and the networking opportunities that were provided to me helped me to continue developing what was once only a dream. 

Although I am no longer in the program, the connections, relationships and opportunities still continue today. I look forward to the next cohort that will benefit from the staff and the design of this program. The program is intentional, relevant and practical, providing all the tools one needs to continue in a venture while being surrounded with a supportive community. The ABHMS staff have made it clear and evident that they not only are investing in my venture, YouBelong, LLC?, but also in me, simply as Alyssa Vasquez. The staff and this program will always be a part of my story and my journey as a CEO and a missional entrepreneur. 

Alyssa Vasquez is founder of YouBelong, LLC, an initiative that uses consulting and technology to connect individuals to local church communities.