First Crow Indian Baptist Church in Lodge Grass, MT has recently announced their new pastor hiring of Rev. Wayne Gentry which went into effect May 24, 2020.  He has committed to a six (6) months of a probation period with an opportunity to continue beyond that timeframe.  This is another step in the changes taking place at First Crow.  This church has navigated some significant challenges in the last 9 years.  The church facilities flooded in 2011 for the third time in their history and put the buildings in a place where it could no longer be repaired.  Through a long process of fundraising and many volunteer mission teams First Crow removed their original buildings and replaced it with a new constructed building better prepared to handle the possibility of another flood. In 2019 we had the privilege to celebrate with them as they dedicated the new facilities for the work of the Lord.  This marks another chapter in their history as now former Pastors David and Carolyn Lopez have retired.  They have been instrumental in the growth and development of this congregation and led the process of the new church building.  They will be greatly missed but we have hope for the future of First Crow as they continue to build on their blessed heritage.