What is ABPS?

A computer-based, data-storage-and-retrieval system, American Baptist Personnel Services (ABPS) produces personnel profiles to assist professionally trained ministry leaders who seek new opportunities to serve local congregations and denominational entities. ABPS also provides resources that enable local congregations to identify mission and leadership needs.

ABPS is now a part of ministrElife, custom-built at the direction of American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS). All ministerial leaders, both lay and clergy, are encouraged to enroll in ministrElife and complete an ABPS profile.

Standing fully in the spirit of ABHMS, ABPS provides useful information—shared openly and without bias—that supports congregations developing Christ-centered leaders, equipping disciples and healing their neighborhoods and communities. ABPS is committed to ABHMS’ values of integrity, stewardship, diversity, collaboration and teamwork.

ABPS works in partnership with ABCUSA regions to assist local church search committees by retrieving profiles of ministry professionals with the skills and experiences needed by the church.

How do I update my ABPS Profile?

On the new ABPS on ministrElife, you can update your ABPS Profile yourself anytime from the Employ section of this site. There is no cost to update your information. However, for the additional validation and vetting it takes to make your ABPS Profile active, you will need to click the "Submit for Review" button at the top of the Employ section and sign up for the Employ or Elife Subscription Packages.

What is the difference between Not Interested/Might Consider/ Open to Move and your availability?


Not interested- ou are not actively seeking a different call

Might Consider- you are not actively seeking a different call, but a region staff member can search for your ABPS profile and ask if you would be willing to have your profile submitted to a search committee for consideration. 

Open to move- you are actively seeking a new call.

How do I sign the American Baptist Personnel Services Release of Information Consent, and why should I sign it?


Every profile that is approved undergoes a verification process. In order for us to verify college degrees, ordination, employment, and references, we need to have the release form completed. This form also allows the executive ministers and region staff the ability to view your profile information. 

To sign the form: Go to the employment section on ministrElife. On the right-hand side of your profile, click  Additional Information. In the center of the profile, you will see American Baptist Personnel Services Release of Information Consent. If you have filled out the form in the past, but not signed the form it will say COMPLETE. Please click complete and sign the form using your mouse. If you have not completed the form, please click SIGN HERE, and complete the form.